Winner of 2021 SCWCC Minority Business of the Year
2021 PPSBDC Small Business Champion,
2020 Hispanic Emerging & Business leader of the Year,
2019 Governor's Minority Small Business of the Year

Jess Fierro, Colorado's first Female and Latina Owner/Head Brewer and  winner of Season 1 BEERLAND on VICE presents Atrevida Beer Co.
A female forward brewery producing unique flavors that challenge consumer’s perspective of craft beers.
Diversity, It's on Tap!

Dolores Huerta y Atrevida

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Atrevida Beer Co.

While stationed in Germany, US Army veteran Rich Fierro and his wife Jessica first discovered true craft beer, igniting Jessica's passion for brewing and her own Mexican-influenced flavors. 

Along her brewing journey, Jessica became the first Beerland winner, distributing her winning homebrew recipe, Dona Neta, with Golden Road Brewery. 

Rich and Jessica now bring you Atrevida Beer Co., the first Latin-owned brewery in Colorado ran by a female Head Brewer.

Diversity is on tap!



Brew Fit w/ Big Cerveza


Jess  Fierro -  Owner & Head Brewer


Rich Fierro -  Owner & Combat Vet


Tasha - Lead Brewer

Erin & Kassy - Brewer

Michelle & Taylor - Beertender

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Winner of 2019 Governor's Minority Small Business of the Year

Owner/ Head Brewer, Jess, selected to the inaugural class of the 2020

Junior Achievement Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award Laureates


204 Mount View Lane, Suite 3

Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Monday:       Closed

Tuesday:       Closed

Wednesday:   4pm-8pm

Thursday:       4pm-8pm

Friday:           2pm-9pm

Saturday:       1pm-9pm

Sunday:         1pm-8pm