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What does Atrevida mean?



Atrevida means Bold, Daring, Audacious Woman.




Our founder and Brew Master Jess Fierro .  


                She’s the first bad ass Latina Brewery Owner and Head Brewer in Colorado.  She builds all her recipes and her beers are amazing.  The brew house’s she uses are 1bbl and 10bbl and there is only one button between them.  When we say hand crafted beer at Atrevida we mean it.  Jess and the ladies are using paddles and rakes, diving into tanks, moving hoses and pumps, and taking temps and gravities, nothing is automated.  These girls are lifting 50lb bags of grain into the kettle like nobody’s business and not complaining. If ever you wanted to find out what woman’s work was come on down for a 10bbl brew day, most men couldn’t hang.

            Prior to owning and brewing at Atrevida, Jess was a homebrewer and the winner of the national homebrew competition called BEERLAND which aired on VICELAND (the channel) season one. Jess competed against competitors here in Colorado, New York, New Mexico and Hawaii and brought the WIN back for Colorado Springs! She also  brewed, as a homebrewer,  with the Makin’ Noise an all women’s non profit brewer group, Pink Boots Society, and multiple charity organizations across Colorado Springs and Denver. Not only did she brew at home but also interned and guest brewed at various breweries throughout ten years (2007). This from a woman who initially hated beer until she arrived in Germany with her husband on orders with the Army and went on a tour of a brewery and tasted what real craft beer could be.

            Since opening Atrevida Beer Co. Jess has hosted the very FIRST Pink Boots Society International Women’s Collaboration Brew day (March 8th, 2018) in Colorado Springs. She has also started the very FIRST Chapter for Pink Boots Society - Colorado Springs! She has given endless hours and donated a lot of beer sales to charitable events such as Tessa, Beer for Justice, Healing pets foundation, UCCS Sustainability Program, to name a few but believe me the list goes on!

            Jess is by trade a Cosmetologist/Barber and was a professional hair stylist, make up artist and barber all the while she was brewing in the background as her hobby preparing her to soon open and own her brewery.  Working with her hands and using her creativity is what sets Jess apart from the rest.  Her skill in hair color formulation, beer recipe building and leading people is unmatched.  She commands a room and immediately can connect with her clients. 

            From 1999-2013 Jess was also a Military Spouse, married to Rich Fierro an Army officer she was a leader for the spouses of his Soldiers while he served four combat tours and 15 years in the service. Her love of country and Soldiers was recognized by her selection for the Order of Molly Pitcher Medallion and Award.  She is the mother of two beautiful children Kassy (beer tender and brewer) and Ricky (music engineer).  She started training her daughter Kassy to brew at age 8, it’s was Jess’s way to show her daughter that boundaries don’t exist if you don’t let it. She is an amazing spirit and the hardest working cosmetologist, brewer, sister, friend, mother, wife, and woman.


Diversity, it's on tap!

               Our team Atrevida Beer Co is demonstrating diversity in everything it does.  The company motto is “Diversity, it’s on tap!” and we live by this motto.  4 of our 6 employees are women. 4 of our 6 employees are Latinos.  The owners Jess & Rich Fierro are both Latino’s, and a former Military family. Rich is a former 15-year Army officer with 4 combat tours having arrived in Colorado Springs in 2007.  They have been married for 20 years and have 2 children Ricky and Kassy. 

                Atrevida is more than a brewery and small business Jess and Rich have a vision to bring community together.  "Diversity, it’s on tap!" is lit up on the store front marquee and prominently displayed on all our merchandise.  We have been challenged by consumers about the use of diversity in our motto.  We respond calmly and to engage in discussion simply with the facts. A Latina woman built the recipe for and brewed your beer, no other brewery in Colorado can say that. Our menu board exudes diversity, we have Juneteenth a beer we brewed as an ode the “Big Red Soda” for charity on June 19th 2018 as we held a celebration in our brewery to commemorate the day the last slaves in Texas we told they were free 2 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. We have Amistad a beer we brewed with Border X brewing in San Diego, CA that means friendship in Spanish and also has a double meaning with the slave ship rebellion as we are breaking barriers by creating dialogue. We have E-Legal a beer not about immigrants but a story about my brother a young Latino named Eddie who against all odds became a successful lawyer who used to sign his emails E dash Legal in Law School. And many more...

              Rich is a combat veteran and our family endured 4 combat tours and 15 years of service, we understand what being an American is more than many others and we also know what it is to be an immigrant as our parents and grandparents were.  We are embracing Americanism with Diversity in our glass and bringing discussion to our brewery to engage our customers in a time when dialogue is needed, and a diverse perspective is required in an industry traditionally dominated by white males.

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Meet the team

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Lead Brewer
Jess Fierro - Head Brewer/Owner
Rich Fierro - Owner
Michelle "Meech" - Beertender
Tasha "Büch" -  Brewer
Kassy "Lil Squeeg" - Beertender
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